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UK’s Best Online Baby and Kids Shop for Prams, Nursery Furniture, Highchairs and Accessories

Baby Kingdom Provides for Baby’s Every Need

Baby shop’s have become a thriving niche business in the 21st century, but finding a brick and mortar outlet in your vicinity can still be a problem if you happen to live anywhere but in metropolitan areas. Happily, now there is an alternative that allows you to look through their wide array of state of the art baby products. Baby Kingdom is just that. It’s a website filled with a veritable kingdom of baby products like highchairs and pushchairs which are cleverly divided into categories according to a baby’s day.

Walking a Parent Through Their Baby’s Day

This method of categorising will help nervous new parents prepare for everything that a baby will need upon his arrival. From nursery furniture to highchairs and pushchairs, Baby Kingdom stocks a complete range of products that will help new parents with everything from mealtime to playtime to bedtime. Their categorisation model is designed to illustrate to the parent just what they might need for different aspects of the baby’s day.

For sleeping there is a complete line of bedding, cribs, cots, dressers and nursery furniture, even night lights and baby monitors to ensure the baby’s safety and the parent’s peace of mind. And, when you want to take baby out to see the world, a complete line of pushchairs is available. For mealtimes you can choose from a wide variety of highchairs, and booster seats plus everything you’ll need to make mealtime fun and get the job done: bibs, sterilisers, warmers and utensils, even breast pumps for the little ones who are not yet on solid food.

An Organised Website That Offers Easy Shopping and Delivery

Baby Kingdom is extremely user-friendly and offers a generous return policy if a customer orders a highchair or pushchair that is not what they wanted or is too large or small for the age of their baby.

A customer simply needs to contact Baby Kingdom within 14 days of their initial ‘cooling off’ period, and they’ll happily arrange to have the product picked up and send an alternative product to replace it.

All products are come with at least a six-month warrantee and some manufacturers offer guarantees that will extend the warrantee period significantly.

Baby Kingdom accepts all major credit cards as well as PayPal and in most cases products are shipped within a day.

All orders will be issued with a tracking number. In order to find out the shipping information on an order, simply go to the ‘track order’ page of the website, enter and submit the tracking number. You’ll be apprised of the shipping date.

Well-versed In the Business of Babies

Baby Kingdom used to be known as the Nappy Factory and has been in the baby business for over 25 years. Currently they have a showroom in Dewsbury for those parents who prefer to do their baby shopping the old-fashioned way. They also have an extensive warehouse which stocks the vast array of over well over 100 brands and thousands of products that make up the realm of Baby Kingdom. They are one of the largest retailers of baby products in the UK, and have earned the trust and customer loyalty of millions of families over the years. Visit their website or their showroom for all of your baby’s needs today.



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